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4 Ideas To Make Your Bedroom More Cozy

Your bedroom is a place to rest, relax, and escape the stresses of everyday life.

When designing this room, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure that it’s as warm, inviting, and as cozy as possible.

If you need new bedroom furniture in Cleveland, be sure to visit our showroom or browse our website today.

We carry a wide range of beautiful bedroom beds, accessories, chests and dressers, and much more to help you transform this important part of your home.

If you need a little help, read on for a list of 4 ideas to make your bedroom more cozy.

Once you make a few updates, you’ll find that this room is the most comforting and relaxing part of your entire home.

  1. Choose Warm, Neutral Tones
  2. Layer Textures and Materials
  3. Focus on Soft, Calm Lighting
  4. Keep it Simple

1. Choose Warm, Neutral Tones

The first of our 4 ideas to make your bedroom more cozy refers to the colors you choose in this space.

Soft, neutral tones like gray or slate blue tend to calm the mind and create a nice backdrop for relaxation.

When choosing products like beds, bedroom benches, or dressers, stick to warmer wood tones like maple, cherry, or walnut.

Furniture that has finishes of bright, loud colors may make you feel uneasy, and it can also make it more difficult for your mind to calm down.

The same idea applies to accessories like wall décor, curtains, and bedding. Look for colors that are simple and solid rather than loud, bright colors or busy patterns.

Paint your walls a warm color, such as a soft light beige or tan, a nice creamy ivory, or a very light sky blue.

If you really do want some patterns in your bedroom furniture, make sure that they’re small and uniform throughout the entire design rather than large and complicated. 


For those who want to incorporate more color into the bedroom, it’s easy to do so by adding a fun area rug or topping the bed with some decorative throw pillows.

Overall, the best way to make your bedroom as cozy as possible is to look for furniture and accessories in a neutral and warm color palette.

Chests and dressers made of wood are an excellent choice for a calm and cozy bedroom, as are bedroom beds made of solid hardwood.

Choose mirrors in a matching finish to give the room a cohesive look.

You can also choose an upholstered bed as long as the fabric is neutral.

Bring in a few potted plants or a wall tapestry to add a layer of color and texture without overdoing it to help your mind stay relaxed before you drift off to dreamland.


2. Layer Textures and Materials

Being cozy is all about surrounding yourself with softness and a variety of textures.

Top your bed with different types of bedding, including thick and cushy quilts, or super soft throw blankets with fringe.

A few pillows in various sizes are another great way to layer your bed while keeping things soft and cozy.

Choose organic materials in this room, like a woven basket made of seagrass or a vase filled with branches or driftwood.

You can even layer area rugs in the bedroom to incorporate different textures.

Try a large jute rug, then top it with a smaller hand-tufted rug made of wool or cotton.

Use thick, plush velvet for window curtains and place them over a sheer curtain underneath to create multiple layers.


The more textures you have in this room, the warmer and cozier it will feel.

Look for bedroom benches with soft cushioning and plush upholstery so it’s comfortable to sit on.

Pick out unique accessories that reflect the cozy theme, such as a stone sculpture or a subtle landscape painting on canvas.

Seek natural, organic materials including a variety of wood species, stone, wool, cotton, linen, rattan, and wicker.

You can also add a charming wicker or rattan accent chair to the corner of your bedroom.

Pair it with a tall floor lamp and you’ve got a comfy and cozy reading nook.

A high-pile rug next to the bed provides you with a warm, soft place to step on every morning when you awake.


3. Focus on Soft, Calming Lighting

While you’ll find plenty of high-quality and beautiful bedroom furniture in Cleveland at our store, you’ll also discover some unique lighting, too.

The lighting you choose in the bedroom can play a major role in how warm and cozy it feels.

If you want to keep things subtle, install a pair of simple wall sconces on each side of the bed.

You can also use a matching pair of table lamps, placing one on each nightstand.

This simple lighting design will give the bedroom a warm and cozy glow that also helps to calm your mind before bedtime.

We carry a wide range of table lamp pairs to choose from that will elevate your bedroom and give it the perfect finishing touch.


Overhead lighting can be too bright and may make your bedroom feel too overwhelming.

Stick to accent lighting instead or install a dimmer switch so you can lower the light in this space whenever you choose.

A simple lamp placed on chests and dressers is a great way to add just the right amount of brightness.

It’s also wise to have some form of lighting directly next to the bed.

That way, when you’re done reading your favorite book, you can simply lean over and turn the light off rather than having to get up and walk across the room to flip a switch.


4. Keep it Simple

The final of our 4 ideas to make your bedroom more cozy is to try and keep things as simple as possible.

Instead of overdoing the décor, try to pick out a few favorite pieces of wall art or a framed photograph of your choice.

Look for ways to enhance the look of the bedroom without making it overbearing.

You can also place a variety of books on a shelf to give the space a cozy, welcoming feel.

Small succulents in simple terra cotta pots lined up on your windowsill will add a fun element to the bedroom.


Feel free to decorate your bedroom for the changing seasons.

Try colorful flowers in the spring and summer, some autumnal leaves in the fall, and a beautiful wreath made of pine branches in the wintertime.

The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating this space.

As long as you keep things clean and simple, your bedroom will look and feel extremely comfy and cozy.

Use storage furniture like chests and dressers to reduce clutter and to corral your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

A beautiful storage trunk or storage bedroom benches is another easy way to ensure that the bedroom stays nice and tidy. 

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