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How to Make Your Futon More Comfortable

Whether you’re a college student sleeping in the common room, the proud owner of a studio apartment, or popular enough to have guests, futons are a versatile resource. Despite their versatility, futons and sofa beds aren’t known for their superior comfort.

If you’re reading this, you’re looking to maximize the comfort of your futon. Northeast Factory Direct can help; we’ve carried a variety of different futons and sofa beds for years. We’ve picked up some tips and combined them with the latest strategies to bring you this quick guide to making your futon more comfortable.

Let’s get started.

sofa beds_300205-b3

Find a Featherbed

Instead of sleeping under a down comforter, featherbeds add additional softness and support between you and the futon. They’re usually segmented to keep the down from collecting on one side.

Some featherbeds are designed to support your shoulders, back and hips, making them ideal for side sleepers. If you’re allergic to down, be sure to select a hypoallergenic featherbed.


sofa beds_500041-b3

Add An Air Mattress

You know that feeling when you sit down, but your seat ends up being further from your butt than you thought? Those milliseconds of free-fall are terrifying. 

According to, futons are especially susceptible to this experience since they’re usually only a foot off the ground at the most. If guests find it difficult to get down to your futon, consider placing an air mattress on top of your open futon.

This combination provides comfort, support, and an extra bit of height. If you’re going to add an air mattress to your futon, opt for a model that automatically inflates and deflates for ease of use.



Bring Bed Slats

Let’s think outside the box on this one. Instead of increasing comfort from the top of your mattress, shift to adding comfort from the bottom. By adding wooden bed slats underneath the futon frame, you create extra support for a sagging mattress. This makes the mattress more comfortable and increases its longevity.

When it comes to an easy, low cost, DIY slat solution, makes this recommendation:

Head to your local home improvement store to purchase some 1×4 pieces of lumber, then drill in the additional slats alongside the existing beams to fill in the gaps and provide more consistent support.


sofa beds_500765-b3

Recruit Comforters

Fact: You can’t spell comforter without comfort. 

Whether you prefer the airy lightness of down or a hypoallergenic down alternative, layering comforters on top of your futon’s mattress (that’s right, on top of the mattress) is an easy way to create an extra layer of comfort and warmth. Adding a comforter to your futon makes it easy to adjust to the users' preferences.

Bonus Tip: If comforters aren’t an option, recommends placing small pillows under your futon mattress for additional comfort instead.


sofa beds_500236-b0

TRY Mattress Toppers

When it comes to improving the comfort of a regular mattress, a quality mattress topper can go a long way. You can deploy the same tactic for your futon using a variety of mattress toppers. The most commonly used toppers consist of memory foam, latex, or wool.

Slip your mattress topper inside the futon cover, or layer it on top of the mattress and cover it with a fitted sheet. You can always store it away when your futon is in couch mode.


sofa beds_500046-b3

Mattress Maintenance

Just as a regular mattress needs maintenance to maximize its lifespan, your futon mattress requires maintenance as well. Caring for your mattress ensures it stays comfortable longer and reduces deterioration. There are several tactics for maintaining a mattress, such as flipping it regularly and protecting it with a mattress cover.



futons cm_5250-esp-peb-b0

Northeast Factory Direct Futon

All mattresses have a limited lifespan, which includes futons. If you’re reading this article to save your old mattress, it may be in vain. However, if investing in a new futon mattress is a potential option for you, check out Northeast Factory Direct’s collection of sofa beds and futons

Our sofabeds and futons bring style and comfort to your spare bedroom or den. Save yourself the stress of figuring out where your guests will sleep, as our futons easily convert from a couch for lounging to a comfortable bed. Make your space stylish and ideal for overnight guests with a sofa sleeper or futon from Northeast Factory Direct.


Now It’s Your Turn

Hopefully, our quick guide to making a futon more comfortable has helped you improve your sleeping arrangements. If so, leave a comment letting us know which tip you found the most useful.

And if you have a superior strategy for making a futon more comfortable, share it with us. We’ll be sure to update this article with your suggestion!

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