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Sofa Design Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Style For Your Living Room

The living room is the central hub of any home, so it's important to choose a sofa that's durable, comfortable, and that fits your unique style.

Whether you're updating your living room or looking for a sofa for your first home, our sofa design guide will help you find the perfect option for you.

Read on to discover some tips, tricks, and insights about how to choose the living room furniture of your dreams.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Sofa?

Living room furniture is a big investment, so you want to be sure you choose a sofa that has the qualities you need. First and most importantly, your sofa needs to be durable enough to handle everyday use.

Whether you have a busy household or live alone, your sofa should be able to handle a lot of sitting while remaining comfortable. Look for a sofa featuring a durable frame made of hardwood or stainless steel. The frame is what gives you support, so it's crucial that it's made to last.

Size and Upholstery

You'll want to ensure that your sofa is large enough to accommodate the number of people who spend time in your living room. Most standard sofas seat an average of three to five people comfortably. If you need something larger, consider a sectional to provide roomy seating for lots of family members and guests.

You can always bring in other living room furniture like a loveseat, recliner, or accent chair if you're short on seating space. Select a sofa that will offer plenty of room to relax without taking up too much floor space in your living room.

In order to ensure that you pick out the appropriate sofa size, measure the dimensions of your living room first. Draw out a proposed floor plan and use the room dimensions and layout to help you pick out a sofa that will fit well within this space.

Another crucial part of your living room design is the upholstery style of your sofa. Leather is soft and luxurious and it holds up quite well to heavy use, but it does need regular maintenance to keep it looking new. Choose soft upholstery material like microfiber or a cotton fabric blend for something versatile and easy to maintain.

Of course, the style of your sofa is always a crucial part of any living room design, and that's where our sofa design guide comes in. As you explore the different styles available, think about how you want the room to look as a whole. Whether it's modern or traditional, there's no shortage of sofa styles to choose from.

Sofa Design Guide: Classic and Traditional

If you want something that goes well with practically anything, a classic sofa might be a good fit. These sofas are a beautiful addition to any room whether it's casual, formal, or only used occasionally.

One of the hallmarks of classic sofa designs is a rolled arm that adds a touch of elegance and comfort. Split cushions contribute to a traditional look, but they still look more elegant than a series of separate cushions on the back and seat.

Some classically designed sofas include a skirt to protect underneath the furniture. This traditional design adds to the neat and tidy look of classic furniture. 

Features like button tufting and nailhead trim are a beautiful way to add unique touches to your sofa. Turned wood legs can provide strength and support while adding to the traditional design in a timeless way. A slope arm will create a sophisticated look for a classic sofa, while a few extra loose pillows add layers of comfort and promote a laid-back, relaxed vibe in your living room.

When buying a sofa designed in a classic silhouette, versatility and comfort are key. Explore different features and silhouettes to decide which option is best for your living room design plan.

Contemporary and Modern Sofa Styles

The modern look is always on-trend when it comes to home design, and there are plenty of contemporary sofas that will complement this aesthetic. Clean lines and understated shapes create a polished look in a modern living room.

Try to avoid too many intricate or overly ornate details when choosing a modern sofa style. Instead, keep your focus on the simplicity of the shape and accent it with unique legs made of metal in bright chrome or a gold-toned finish to bring it a fun finishing touch.

A bench cushion consists of one single piece rather than separate sections. This contemporary design is almost always seen in modern sofas since it contributes to the minimalist, singular look you're aiming for.

Most modern sofas feature exposed legs rather than a skirt that covers the bottom. Tapered or splayed legs are evocative of mid-century modern design, which is exactly what you want for a modern living space. Casters are another unique component that can be added to the legs of a contemporary sofa.


When it comes to the arms, look for those with a very slight taper. Straight arms are also ideal if you're looking for a sofa featured in a truly modern style. When it comes to color, modern living room furniture can feature anything from deep jewel tones to vibrant patterns.

Bring Uniqueness to Your Living Room with These Sofa Styles

If you're looking for ways to glam up your living room, you can choose from a few unique sofa styles. A cabriole sofa boasts curvaceous shapes and carved wood legs that are made to draw attention to its many fine details.

Another unique option in lieu of the classic sofa is the chaise lounge. This elongated living room furniture has an open-ended design that's perfect for lounging and relaxing by a window. The long, lean shape of a chaise makes it perfect for chilling out any time.

For those with a home theater, upgrade your space with theater seating sofas. Typically featuring a recliner, this comfy furniture includes built-in cup holders and leather upholstery that makes watching your favorite movies totally relaxing.

A tuxedo sofa is a fantastic option if you want something modern and sophisticated with a touch of classic style. The sharp lines and tufted accents blend with a geometric silhouette to add contemporary elegance to any living room.

Choosing the Perfect Color

Color plays an integral role in home design, so look for a sofa that will enhance your chosen palette. Light-colored sofas in neutral hues like tan, light brown, or ivory are versatile enough to mix and match with your floor and wall colors. Neutral fabrics can easily be enhanced with a few fun decorative throw pillows.

If your living room is more like a den, consider a sofa in a darker color. Deep browns and even black are both good choices if you favor rustic and lodge decor.

A bold color such as navy blue, emerald green, or wine can work beautifully in both classic and modern living rooms. These rich tones are made even better when you pair them with metallic accents and decor.

Pattern Play

There's no rule that says your sofa has to be made in a solid color, either. Have some fun with your living room design and try a sofa boasting an allover patterned fabric. Floral prints are a fun option to create a romantic vibe, while simple stripes or plaids look perfect in classic living spaces.

Color Tones and Room Size

For small living rooms, try to stick with light-colored sofas. A fabric that's too dark will make the living room feel smaller and more closed-in.

If your living room walls have a dark paint color or your flooring is on the darker side, a light-colored fabric like off-white or sunny yellow will instantly brighten up the space. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors in your living room. Mix and match the color of your living room furniture to give the room a fun, eclectic look.

Try to choose a sofa in a color that's different from the rest of the hues in your living area. Otherwise, it might disappear into the background and take away from the fact that your living room sofa should be the main focal point of the room.

Choose a Sofa That's Perfect for You

Whether it's the size, design, or color, use this sofa design guide to help you pick out the ultimate sofa for your living room design. From sleek and modern to classic and unique, there's always something new to discover.

Make sure your sofa is comfortable and durable enough to provide you with years of enjoyment in your home.

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