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How to Create the Ultimate Entertainment Space in Your Home

When it comes to home entertainment, you need a space that makes chilling out fun, comfortable, and unique.

From a man cave to a game room, it's important to create an entertainment space that's perfect for your favorite activities and for hosting your guests in style.

Check out our guide that offers a myriad of incredible design tips, ideas for your game room, and a whole lot more.

Starting Out with Entertainment Setup

Before you fill your entertainment space with toys, it's important to determine what your final goal is. Draft a layout of your space on paper, and include the total measurements of the room so you'll have a better idea of what will fit.

Use your layout to configure furnishings, an entertainment center, and any other awesome things you want to include, like a foosball table or pool table. When you set things up in advance, it's much easier to turn your vision into a reality when it's time to fill it with your favorite items.

Think about how you want this part of your home to function. For example, if you love to play pool, make sure you pick furniture that will accommodate the extra space a pool table requires.

Are you into poker and gambling? If so, ensure that your setup allows for a great poker table and plenty of comfortable chairs.

If you're planning to add a bar to your entertainment space, check the current electrical setup in the room. You may need additional outlets or a more powerful breaker for this room if you plan to add things like pendant lighting or a separate refrigerator. A sink is another great addition to a bar, so make sure you have adequate plumbing, too.

In addition to the layout, electrical, and plumbing, don't forget about the finishes. Wood and metal are great components that will add a warm, sophisticated touch to this space. Choose durable flooring that can withstand a lot of activity, and look for furniture with easy-care upholstery.

Furniture in your hangout space should be roomy and comfortable. Consider a reclining sectional if you entertain lots of people, or add a few individual recliners for a couple of your pals whenever they come to visit.

Bar carts are always a great addition to any entertainment area. These awesome pieces usually have wheels so you can move them around the room as you mix, mingle, and enjoy your favorite adult beverages. You can find modern and traditional bar carts that will easily mesh with your favorite style.

Electronics for Your Entertainment Center

Whether you're watching the big game or a favorite movie, you'll need a few quality electronics in this space, too. If you're a fan of TV, make sure you pick out a high definition big screen TV that produces a clear, crisp picture. 

To free up floor space, hang your TV on the wall or look for TV mounts that swivel so you can maneuver the television in a variety of positions as needed. A soundbar is a great way to get a sharp, clear sound without taking up a ton of extra room.

If music is more your thing, make sure you bring in a decent sound system for your game room. A jukebox is always an awesome choice, too. For those who love vinyl, include an awesome turntable with some extra storage for your favorite records.

Today's new entertainment technology makes it easier than ever to get your favorite sights and sounds with the press of a button. Look for new designs that have a smaller silhouette so you can enjoy tunes, TV, and movies without having to sacrifice a lot of extra floor space. Slender TVs and compact surround sound systems produce exceptionally high-quality sound and picture but with a much smaller size.

Designing Your Pool Table Room

If billiards are your thing, designing an awesome room for your pool table can be the perfect entertainment center in your home. Add a soft area rug underneath the pool table to protect your floors and to give this room a touch of extra style.

Hang a nice light directly over the pool table so it's easy to see when you go to make the shot. You can choose from a variety of lights including classic billiard lighting or change things up with a modern LED pendant light.

Make sure your guests are comfortable in between shots with some barstools and a pub table. It's the perfect way to relax and take a sip while you wait for your turn in the billiard room. A large mirror can make the room seem bigger and brighter, too.

The most important part of designing your billiard room is the layout. Ideally, the pool table should be in the center of the room as a focal point, and then all furniture can be arranged around it closer to the walls.

You need to make sure that there's enough room around all sides of your pool table for people to be able to maneuver and make their shots. Measure the pool table you're interested in so that it will fit correctly in the space you have available.

If you're considering a shuffleboard table, the same basic principles apply. Shuffleboard tables are generally more slender and narrow so you should have a bit of extra space to decorate and arrange furniture if you go this route. 

Creative Game Room Ideas

If playing pool isn't your thing, a game room is another great concept for a home entertainment center. You can fill this room with arcades, pinball, or even a ping pong table. Hang a dartboard in this room for a fun addition to your collection.

Use a corner of your game room to create a fun spot for board games like chess, Monopoly, or checkers. A small round table with a pair of comfortable upholstered chairs is a perfect way to create a separate space where friends can have a little bit of one-on-one fun.

It's easy to make your new game room fun by coming up with a unique and creative theme. If you love vintage arcade games, hang a few pieces of artwork showcasing some of your favorite games or characters. Use bright, fun colors to make the room cheerful and exciting.

Add a bookshelf to your game room and fill it with some of your favorite reads. You can also use the bookshelf to display a few of your treasures including vintage toys and other collectibles that will go with your theme and design.

Get creative in this room and remember to keep things lighthearted and fun. Posters and paintings bring color to the space, and they give you a chance to show off your favorites in style. 

If storage is a concern, consider a comfortable storage bench or ottoman. A bench or ottoman with an open compartment gives you extra seating along with hidden storage for all your goodies. Cabinets are another great way to stash board games and accessories away to keep the room neat and tidy. 

More Game Room Tips

You can easily pair arcade games with a foosball table if you choose. This popular game is a ton of fun to play, and it has a much smaller footprint than a pool table. If you don't have room for a full-size foosball table, look for a tabletop version instead.

If you're into collecting pinball and arcade games, arrange each one side by side together in a row against the wall. Your friends can play their favorite games right next to each other, and it's the perfect way to mimic the classic mall arcades of the past.

Instead of installing a full bar in your game room, use a rolling bar cart instead. You can use the cart to store glasses and bottles, and it's easy to move it around so you can serve your guests or put it away when you're not using it.

Depending on the size of your entertainment room, it might be challenging to keep all of your accessories organized. Hang ping pong paddles and video game controllers on the wall to free up floor space. This is also a great way to double these as decorative items.

A TV stand with a built-in cabinet gives you a place to store remotes and smaller electronics. This furniture is ideal if your TV is smaller and you just need a place to display the TV without having to mount it on the wall.

Look for a comfortable couch if you and your friends enjoy video games over arcades. A comfy couch and coffee table is the perfect choice for a casual, laid-back space where you can all hang out together for some friendly competition.

Getting the Most from Your Entertainment Space

Depending on the size of your home and your dedicated entertainment space, creating a functional room can be a bit of a challenge. The key is to be able to enjoy your favorite games while still having a comfortable place to relax.

For larger rooms, a bar or a pub table with some chairs is ideal. For smaller spaces, a mini-fridge and a bar cart is a better option.

When choosing furniture, keep in mind that sectionals are much larger than a standard couch. If you don't have the extra room, a loveseat and a few accent chairs or some recliners will do the trick.

Large games like pool tables, foosball, and shuffleboard should be the centerpiece of your entertainment space. Make these items the focal point when you're working on your entertainment setup plan.

Try to find furnishings that have a multifunctional purpose, like a bench with built-in storage. Go vertical if your room is smaller so you can store items higher up and against the wall. A bookshelf or bookcase, cabinet, or wall shelves are all useful options.

Choose durable flooring for your game room so it can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Carpet is much more difficult to clean and it's also prone to stains and other visible damage. You can always add an area rug to your game room to soften things up and make it more comfortable.

If you don't have a ton of natural light in this space, choose lighter colors to make the room seem larger. Hang mirrors for a little bit of brightness and reflection. Install bright lighting so your entertainment space doesn't feel cramped and dingy.

Decorating Ideas

Whether it's a rousing game of billiards or a casino night with friends, you want your entertainment space to be fun and inviting. Use cheerful, vibrant paint colors for an arcade room, and try rich warm tones if you're creating a dedicated room for your pool table.

Make sure that your entertainment center is fun and that it reflects a bit of your own personality. Hang movie posters or unique artwork that showcases the things you love the most. Add a few action figures or unique sculptures to shelving to give the room a personal touch.

Remember to try and maximize your available space by measuring everything carefully. Design your layout first, then choose furniture that you know will fit without getting in the way of the flow of the room.

The Perfect Entertainment Room is Possible

With these easy entertainment setup ideas, you can make your very own game room, billiard, room, and more. Always keep comfort and functionality in mind when designing an entertainment center for your home.

Whether it's a pool table, shuffleboard, arcade games, or foosball, remember that this part of your home is where you can get away from it all and have some fun. Decorate your room with artwork, colorful paint, and area rugs to give it a fresh, welcoming vibe.

To shop for our latest selection of products for your game room and more, visit our website or get in touch with us today!

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