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9 Pieces of the Best Outdoor Patio Furniture You Will Love in 2020

The average American spends 93% of their life indoors. With all the wonderful benefits of fresh air and nature, why aren't we enjoying it to the fullest?

One of the biggest reasons many of us stay inside is, quite simply, we don't have the proper setup to enjoy our own slice of the outdoors: the backyard. Luckily, there are a ton of options in 2020 to transform your yard and patio into the outdoor relaxation space of your dreams.

Read on for our top 9 best outdoor patio furniture options that are sure to help you enjoy the outdoors more often.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Patio Furniture

When shopping for the best outdoor patio furniture, there are a few things to look out for.

First of all, is it durable? Outdoor furniture is subjected to a lot, including excessive sunlight, inclement weather, and overall wear and tear. You want to select backyard patio pieces that are waterproof and resist fading, even when the sun's rays are at their strongest.

With that considered, you might think that plastic, wicker, or similar hard materials are your best option if you want your outdoor furniture to last. Although these are fool-proof choices when it comes to durability, they can come up short when you're looking for comfort.

Speaking of comfort, this brings up another important point to consider when shopping for the best outdoor patio furniture: is it comfortable?

The most comfortable pieces to sit on aren't hard-backed plastic and wooden options. Instead, you're much better off shopping for pieces that feature pillows and cushions for ultimate comfort.

The best outdoor patio furniture for lounging features cushions that resist water, fading, cracking, and tearing. By selecting high-quality outdoor fabrics on your chair, sofas, and ottomans, you can be sure you're getting maximum comfort that will last season after season.  

1. Outdoor Sofa and Sectionals

To start things off, you're sure to love an outdoor furniture setup that features a comfy sofa to relax on. Who wouldn't love a living room setup, but outdoors?

Depending on your space and accommodation needs, there are a lot of options out there with weatherproof outdoor cushions that rival the comfort of your living room. Once you've found a great piece, you'll be sure to love it for years to come.

2. Ottomans

One of the best outdoor patio furniture pieces for lounging around is an ottoman. After all, how can you truly relax without a place to kick back and rest your feet?

There are tons of weatherproof ottomans out there that allow you to bring that relaxation to your own backyard. Look for cushioned options with high-quality outdoor fabric for a classic, comfy lounging piece that you're sure to love.  

3. Umbrellas

For those hot sunny days, no outdoor furniture setup is complete without an umbrella to keep cool. These come in varying sizes, depending on how much ground you're looking to cover.

Aside from keeping you cool and comfortable, the shade from outdoor umbrellas also protects from the harmful rays of the sun, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without negative repercussions to your health.

Even on an overcast day, up to 80% of the sun's rays can penetrate through the clouds and cause sunburn in as little as 15 minutes. You're also risking skin cancer and other health conditions. If you're planning on lounging outside for any amount of time, adding an outdoor umbrella is essential for protecting you and your family.

4. Backyard Patio Tables

The best outdoor patio furniture setups always include some kind of surfaces to place drinks, food, candles, and so much more.

Again, think of your outdoor furniture arrangement as if it's a living room: look for a quality coffee table and end tables to complete the setup. You'll be amazed by how much it adds to your patio.

5. Outdoor Furniture Dining Set

Here's another way to bring the indoors to your outdoors: an outdoor patio dining set.

With a good outdoor dining table and chairs, you'll be opening up a whole new world of patio entertainment possibilities. From lively backyard picnics to classy dinners under the stars, you're sure to love an outdoor dining set for your patio.

6. Firepits

If you're looking for the best outdoor patio furniture piece for hanging out at night, look no further than a firepit.   

Even on chillier nights, a firepit offers the warmth and ambiance to keep the party going, helping you maximize the potential of your outdoor space. Whether it's a lively gathering around the fire or an intimate get-together with loved ones, a firepit is a perfect centerpiece for the occasion.


7. Pub-Style Dining

If a built-in bar on your patio isn't in the cards for your outdoor setup, it's still possible to recreate the feeling of a bar or a pub in your backyard. The best outdoor patio furniture for this is a high-top table and chair set that mimics the pub-style dining of your favorite bar.

8. Benches

If you're limited on space or just looking for something simple, one of the best outdoor patio furniture options to consider is a bench. These also make great options for additional seating without taking up a great deal of room.

Look for a high-quality bench that still offers cushions for comfort. It's a simple, space-saving option that you'll definitely love.

9. Conversation Sets

Rather than picking out individual pieces, you can complete your outdoor furniture setup with a single purchase. These 3-piece (or more) sets typically feature multiple seating options that complement a larger table or even a firepit.

Best of all, everything matches perfectly! It's a one-and-done deal that's sure to instantly add more appeal to your patio.

Plan Your Outdoor Setup Today!

One of the best ways to maximize the potential of your outdoor living is by finding some great options to furnish your patio. It's like adding an entire extra room to your home, or more!

The best outdoor patio furniture features durable materials that stand up to the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. Now that you've got some inspiration, start planning your outdoor setup today!

Contact us now if you're looking for top-quality patio furniture options in Ohio that you're sure to love!

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