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Choosing Kitchen Cabinets for a New Home

Buying a new home or designing new construction is an extremely exciting process.

If you’re looking for ideas for your kitchen design, the cabinets are one of the most important elements in this space.

Shop for beautiful new kitchen cabinets in Cleveland at Northeast Factory Direct to find a wide range of beautiful colors and designs.

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets for a new home, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Read on for some tips to help you choose the perfect cabinets for your brand-new cooking space.

  1. Materials and Construction
  2. Cabinet Styles
  3. Keep Maintenance in Mind
  4. Options and Features
  5. Don't Forget the Color and Finish


Materials and Construction

When choosing kitchen cabinets for a new home, you want to make sure that you select a product made of quality materials.

The box portion of most kitchen cabinets is typically made of plywood or particleboard, but some may be crafted of solid wood, too.

The doors and face frames of the cabinets are typically comprised of a combination of solid wood and plywood, or solid wood and MDF.

Make sure you know exactly what your new cabinets are made of before you commit to buying.

Solid wood will always last longer than particleboard, so it’s worth paying more for the investment upfront.

It’s also smart to consider the construction of your cabinets.

Most face frame cabinets feature horizontal rails for reinforcement.

Cabinets with an overlay have doors and drawers covering the frames, and inset cabinets feature doors and drawers that fit flush into the frames.

Frameless cabinets have no face frames and use hidden hinges and slides.

Talk to our friendly staff to determine which construction style is available, and which one will be best for you.


Cabinet Styles

When you look for new kitchen cabinets in Cleveland, remember that they come in a wide range of styles.

Whether you like traditional and classic designs or you prefer a modern look, there’s a cabinet style available to suit every interior design.

It’s also easy to add a more customized look by changing the kitchen cabinet hardware.

Make sure that you choose a design that complements the rest of your space so that everything looks cohesive. 


There are many different cabinet styles available, but most are available in one of six main designs.

The first style, shaker cabinets, features clean and simple lines with smooth, flat-panel doors that make them easy to clean.

Craftsman or mission-style cabinets feature a simple design with tongue and groove joinery and have three vertical framing members for durability.

Flat-front or slab cabinets consist of a single board and work best in a modern kitchen.

Beadboard cabinets have three vertical panels with uniform beads and recessed lines for a sophisticated look.

Raised panels or traditional cabinets have three raised panels in the center, and handle-free cabinets use a groove, lip, or a finger-pull to open them.

Examine each of these styles carefully to determine which one will suit your needs and your overall kitchen style the best.


Keep Maintenance in Mind

The kitchen is not only one of the busiest parts of the home, but it’s also one of the messiest, too.

When you’re choosing kitchen cabinets for a new home, keep the ease of cleaning and maintenance in mind before you decide what to install.

Some cabinet designs that have intricate details like unique carvings or deep crevices are much more difficult to clean than simple, flat panel cabinets.

The finish you select may also have an impact on how easy your cabinets will be to keep clean.

Painted cabinets tend to show things like fingerprints and food stains more easily, so opt for one with a satin finish rather than a matte finish if possible.

Painted cabinets can also chip, peel, or crack over time.

Hardwood cabinets with visible wood grain do an excellent job at hiding obvious, dirt as well as wear and tear.

This material can also hide dirt and dust more easily, too.

A good rule of thumb is that harder woods are easier to clean, such as hickory and oak cabinets over maple or birch wood.


Options and Features

If you’re moving into a new home, it’s a perfect time to make sure that every single detail of your kitchen is exactly the way you want it.

That goes for the flooring, appliances, lighting, fixtures, and yes – the cabinets.

Builder-grade cabinets are fine if you’re on a tight budget or you need to replace damaged cabinets fast.

However, it’s best to select higher-grade, customized cabinets before you move into a new home.

Ask about customized sizes and shapes that will not just fit your new kitchen, but also your cooking habits and lifestyle.

You might need shorter cabinets to hold onto small appliances, or perhaps you want a larger, free-standing cabinet in the corner of the kitchen that can double as a storage island.


Don’t forget to consider the things you need to organize in this room.

From pot and pan lids to cooking utensils, the kitchen is always full of a variety of tools.

Ask about custom shelving that you can use to organize each cooking tool for easy access.

A slide-out garbage can drawer is also extremely convenient, and it keeps the trash out of sight.

Pot and pan lid holders are easy to install, and you can also include a few drawer dividers and organizers.

You can even combine some closed cabinets with open shelving or install just a few cabinets with glass doors to create an attractive display.

The possibilities are truly endless, so take your time when installing brand-new cabinets to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want.


Don’t Forget the Color and Finish

The color or finish you choose for your kitchen cabinets will tie everything together.

Look for warm, neutral tones if you’re planning to sell your home in a few years, or if you want the kitchen to feel open and airy.

Dark, rich colors can make smaller kitchens feel cramped, so stick to light hues instead if you’re short on space.

You can even mix things up by having two different colors or finishes on the upper and lower cabinets.

Try a darker cabinet color if your kitchen has light floors.

The beautiful two-toned look creates a beautiful visual contrast and a modern look.

Off-white cabinets go nicely with virtually any color palette.

Keep in mind that pure white cabinets will show fingerprints and dirt much more easily than darker cabinets will.

Remember these tips when choosing kitchen cabinets for a new home to ensure that your space is functional,  beautiful, and most importantly – a reflection of you.

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