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How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home.

If you’re getting ready to do a full kitchen remodel, your cabinets are a major component of this important space.

When it comes to finding kitchen cabinets in Cleveland, be sure to visit Northeast Factory Direct today.

We have a wide range of stylish cabinets in a variety of finishes and styles.

Before you make this important decision, read on to learn how to choose the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home to ensure you’re making a wise investment.



Plan Your Budget

Every home remodeling project requires advanced budgeting to ensure that you don’t spend too much or go over your allotted allowance.

For a kitchen remodel, the cabinets typically cost approximately 50% of the total budget, according to industry statistics.

Keep that figure in mind as you’re planning your own budget to ensure that you will get the best possible quality cabinets available.

If your remodel is going to cost you $18,000, budget approximately $9,000 or so for the cabinets alone.

Once you know how much you can spend, it’s much easier to find the perfect kitchen cabinets for you.

Remember that your actual cost will vary based on factors like the size of your kitchen, the material and finish you choose, the special features you add, and the labor of installation.

If you need to have existing cabinets removed and disposed of, prepare to pay a bit more. 


Pick a Style

Do you love the idea of a sleek, modern kitchen or do you prefer a more classic cooking space?

Think about the various design elements in your kitchen to determine which cabinet style suits you the best.

The door of your cabinets will be one of the most visible things in the kitchen, so remember to choose a door style and cabinet color or finish that reflects your favorite Kitchen Design style.

You’ll also want to make sure that the new cabinets work well with other elements in the kitchen, like the countertops and flooring.

Look at a few ideas online for inspiration and create a mood board or save images of kitchens you love.

This will help you narrow down your choices to ensure that your kitchen remodeling project and your new cabinets are in-line with your vision.


Select a Material and Door Type

Most high-quality kitchen cabinets are crafted of solid wood, but you can also find them in other materials like metal or acrylic.

Add a clear glass panel to some of your cabinets for a nice visual touch if you want to display a few of your favorite treasures.

Aside from the cabinet material, you’ll also want to choose a door style.

Flat cabinet doors are great for modern and contemporary kitchens and feature a smooth surface that’s easy to clean.

An arched cathedral cabinet door has a recessed or raised arch within the door frame for a classic, high-end touch.

Beaded cabinet doors have a stripe consisting of one or two grooves, which are known as beads in woodworking.

A mission cabinet is a flat-panel door with a square frame and molding for a clean, simple aesthetic.

Most mission-style cabinets are made of solid wood that’s stained to highlight the wood’s natural grain.

Raised panel doors are a traditional design with a center panel that’s slightly raised using a contoured groove around the edges or molding.

Shaker cabinets are still quite popular and look like mission cabinets with a narrower frame molding.

Look for new kitchen cabinets in Cleveland on our website or visit our showroom to explore the variety of options available.


Choose Your Favorite Color or Finish

Selecting the right color or finish is extremely important when it comes to finding the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home.

Remember that darker cabinets will make your kitchen look smaller, while lighter hues like white or cream will give the illusion of a larger kitchen.

Natural finishes on solid wood will help to give your kitchen a warm, organic aesthetic.

You can also choose painted wood cabinets for a fun pop of color and a nice contrast against your floors and countertops.

Whatever color or finish you choose, just make sure that it doesn’t clash with the other colors in the room.

When in doubt, stick to neutral tones like gray, wood finishes, or white so everything works seamlessly together.

Check to ensure that the finish or paint used is designed for the kitchen and that it will easily wipe clean whenever you have to deal with splatters or spills.

The easier your cabinets are to clean, the more you’ll enjoy using them. 


Features and Hardware

If you’re an avid chef or baker, look for cabinets that have additional features to make cooking easier.

This may include extras like built-in utensil drawers, drawer dividers, or a large lazy Susan.

Pot lid holders and pan racks make it easy to grab what you need whenever you’re ready to cook.

Slide-out drawers that hide your trash can will help to keep your kitchen looking clean and neat.

Explore all of the different customizable features available to you, and pick the ones that will help you stay organized and make your kitchen look clean while also helping you grab what you need quickly.

Finally, you’ll want to choose the right hardware for your new kitchen cabinets.

Hardware includes cabinet handles and drawer pulls, and most options are made of metal in a variety of shapes and finishes.

A classic half-moon handle in a polished nickel finish works well in both classic and modern kitchens.

Choose a rich bronze or matte black hardware finish for a rustic or industrial-style kitchen.

Bright metallic finishes like brass, gold, or copper look elegant and really stand out against darker cabinets. 


Contact Northeast Factory Direct Today

When you’re ready to install beautiful new kitchen cabinets in Cleveland, be sure to get in touch with the pros at Northeast Factory Direct.

We offer premium, high-quality cabinets available at a fraction of the price of most of the major big box stores.

You’ll get all of the premium features you want for thousands of dollars less.

This includes things like soft-close doors and drawers, dovetailed drawer boxes, full extension under mount steel drawer guides, and more.

We carry thousands of combinations of cabinet styles and colors to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Plus, your brand-new kitchen cabinet hardware is included for free.

Visit our showroom to see an expanded selection of our available cabinet styles and to schedule your free design service and cabinet field measure today.

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