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7 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Updating your kitchen is one of the biggest and best investments you can make in your home.

When it comes to finding the best kitchen cabinets in Cleveland, Northeast Factory Direct is your prime choice.

We carry a wide range of beautiful cabinets, countertops, and more to make your home transformation perfect.

Before you choose a new design, read on for a list of seven kitchen cabinet ideas that will blow your mind.

These ideas will inspire you to choose the kitchen cabinet style that’s right for your lifestyle and your home.

  1. Try New Cabinets with a Bold Color
  2. Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Glass Front Doors
  3. Design a Built-In Pantry
  4. Create a Modern Look with Flat Panel Cabinet Doors
  5. Highlight with Unique Hardware
  6. Try a Two-Toned Look
  7. Make Your Cabinets Unique

1. Try New Cabinets with a Bold Color

Traditional kitchen cabinets are made of wood and feature soft, neutral hues.

However, some of the best modern kitchen cabinet ideas incorporate new, more vibrant tones.

Consider installing new cabinets in a lively bright blue color to make your cooking space feel fresh and contemporary.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to kitchen cabinets, so be sure to have a little bit of fun and pick out several different samples to help you find the perfect match.

Bring a few color samples home and look at them in natural light.

This will help you decide which hue is right for you.

Whether it’s a lively green, a modern gray, or a vibrant blue, colorful cabinets add a fun, refreshing element to any kitchen.


2. Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Glass Front Doors

Open shelving on the kitchen walls is a popular storage option for a lot of homeowners.

However, this leaves your dishes and other items exposed, causing them to become dirty or covered in dust over time.

If you have beautiful items that you want to show off, consider upgrading a few of your cabinets to feature clear glass door fronts.

This is a great way to showcase some of your favorite collectibles, antique dishes, and other items.

Glass doors also help to make your kitchen feel open and airy, too.

You don’t want every single cabinet door to be made of glass since it will also show off your unorganized cabinets.

However, choosing a few doors with this design will add a unique element and make your kitchen feel and look brand-new.


3. Design a Built-In Pantry

The key to a fabulous kitchen is ensuring maximum functionality.

One of the most important kitchen cabinet ideas to consider is to create a built-in storage area or pantry.

This will give you more functionality and room for things like snacks, cereal, and dry goods like pasta or flour.

If you don’t already have a pantry in your kitchen, consider this option to give you better storage space.

You can install some large, wide drawers and open shelving to make it more functional.

Install overhead lighting in the pantry area to make it easier to see everything you need.

It’s up to you whether you want to leave the pantry open or add doors to hide everything.

Whichever option you choose, adding a pantry area will help you eliminate clutter in the rest of your kitchen cabinets.

It’s also much easier to find what you need when everything is grouped together in one location.


4. Create a Modern Look with Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

If you’re aiming for a sleek and modern aesthetic, try kitchen cabinets with a flat panel design.

These smooth doors don’t have any extra texture or raised sections as you’ll find in more traditional shaker-style cabinets.

Instead, they feature a smooth front door that creates a seamless and smooth appearance.

You can make the kitchen even more contemporary by opting out of the hardware.

Instead, install kitchen cabinet doors with a hidden handle underneath the front or with a unique closure that lets you open the doors by gently pushing them forward.

This is a great way to make the kitchen look clean and modern without a lot of fuss.

Smooth, flat cabinet doors will instantly transform a classic kitchen into a modern space.

Choose a gloss finish to make your cabinets shine or go for a matte color if you prefer an understated, softer look.


5. Highlight with Unique Hardware

When you shop for new kitchen cabinets in Cleveland, don’t forget the hardware.

The type of door handles, and drawer pulls you choose will impact the way your kitchen looks as a whole.

Matte black hardware is a gorgeous choice for industrial, rustic, and modern kitchens alike.

A sleek brushed brass metal looks stunning against the deep tones of navy blue cabinets.

Bright and shiny chrome or polished nickel is another great option that adds versatility to your kitchen design.

Shop around for hardware in various sizes, shapes, and motifs to help you create a custom look.

You can find hardware in fun shapes or choose something in a more basic, understated silhouette.

Try to choose new hardware in a finish that matches your faucet and other fixtures to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Another tip? Don’t forget to make sure that the cabinet hinges match, too.


6. Try a Two-Toned Look

Another great way to make your new kitchen cabinets unique is to choose a two-toned design.

This means that your upper and lower cabinets should be featured in two different colors.

When choosing two-toned cabinets, go for one set of cabinets in a dark hue, and the other in a lighter color.

A great way to do this is to choose natural wood finishes for the lower cabinets, then install something in a bold or vibrant color for the uppers.

If you opt for this idea, make sure that you have a large kitchen.

Dark colors and finishes can make smaller kitchens look cramped or crowded.


7. Make Your Cabinets Unique

The color and hardware aren’t the only features you can add to make your new kitchen cabinets look unique.

Consider using slender metal trim to make the cabinets stand apart.

A thin section of brass against darker colors will give the cabinets a vibrant, modern touch.

You can also install a few cabinets with intricate carvings on the door fronts to add more visual depth and texture.

Look for ways to make your kitchen cabinets unique so that your kitchen has personality.

Aside from solid wood, try cabinets made of Lucite or acrylic for an ultra-modern update.

A thick resin or glossy finish will also help to give your kitchen cabinets a sleek and contemporary touch.

If you prefer a more traditional kitchen, try shaker-style cabinets or something with a small amount of wood trim around the edges.

Visit our showroom today to explore a wide range of options for new kitchen cabinets in Cleveland to give your home a fabulous makeover you’ll love.

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