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Why You Should Consider All-Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you’re getting ready to move into a new construction home or you’re getting ready to plan for a total kitchen remodel, the type of cabinets you choose plays an important role in how this space will look and function.

If you’re on the hunt for beautiful new kitchen cabinets in Cleveland, make sure you visit Northeast Factory Direct today.

We carry a wide selection of beautiful cabinets that will enhance this room and give it a fresh, new look.

Before you decide on a specific type of cabinet, read on to learn why you should consider all-wood kitchen cabinets for your home.

Durable and Long Lasting

Buying new kitchen cabinets is a big investment, so it makes sense to choose something that will last for several years into the future.

The first reason why you should consider all-wood kitchen cabinets is that solid wood is built to last.

If you have a busy household, you’ll likely be opening and closing your kitchen cabinets quite a lot every single day.

Cheaper materials like laminate or plywood with veneer won’t hold up as well to long-term use.

All-wood kitchen cabinets have the inherent strength of natural hardwood, which means they can handle just about anything that comes their way.

Not only do these cabinets look beautiful and attractive, but their solid construction is specifically designed to stand the test of time so that your kitchen remains in great condition for years to come.

Most solid wood cabinets should last you several decades, or even an entire lifetime with proper care. 


Easy Maintenance

All-wood kitchen cabinets are extremely easy to take care of, and they’re also quite easy to clean.

And if you happen to experience a small scratch, repairing them is much easier than if you were to install some other cabinet materials.

If you do end up with a small nick or a scratch, simply sand the area lightly and apply a new coat of finish.

In most cases, that’s all that is needed to make your solid wood cabinets look brand new again.

Aside from easy repairs, you can also re-paint or re-stain your kitchen cabinets later if you ever decide you want to update the color.

Most other cabinet materials aren’t designed to hold onto paint or stain, so you’d need to replace them completely if you ever wanted to change the look of your kitchen.

Wood cabinets are also very easy to clean with just a simple wipe of a soft cloth.

Use a wood polishing product every so often to make your kitchen cabinets look fresh, shiny, and new. 


Boost Your Home’s Value

As you think about why you should consider all-wood kitchen cabinets, don’t forget that these cabinets provide quite a nice return on investment.

If you ever decide to sell your home in the future, having solid wood kitchen cabinets can boost your resale value and may help to increase your asking price.

Most homeowners prefer all-wood cabinets as opposed to flimsier, cheaper materials.

They know that they’re getting quality kitchen cabinets that won’t need to be replaced shortly after they move in.

When you go to list your home on the market, you can even use the fact that you have all-wood kitchen cabinets as a selling point.

Just like solid stone is a great option for your countertops, all-wood kitchen cabinets are considered a high-value material.

Even if these kitchen cabinets in Cleveland are more expensive initially, they are certainly worth the investment in the long run. 


Beautiful and Customizable

When someone walks into your kitchen, there’s no mistaking when you have all-wood kitchen cabinets.

This material is naturally beautiful to look at, and it comes in a wide variety of wood species and color options.

The look of natural wood grain instantly makes any kitchen look and feel warmer and more inviting.

And, you can also choose to have your solid wood cabinets customized to match the rest of your kitchen in any color under the sun.

Colored stains or paint can be applied to your new cabinets to give them a beautiful, rich aesthetic.

Choose between natural hues like cherry or walnut, or try something a bit more unique, like a soft sage green, a versatile gray color, or a lively blue.

You can also choose which cabinet style you prefer, whether it’s a shaker, flat panel, or another style.

The possibilities are endless, so you can design a custom kitchen that suits your unique interior design style and your personality.

Whatever you decide, these cabinets will definitely improve the look of your kitchen overall.


A Variety of Options

In most cases, you can find all-wood kitchen cabinets available in a wide range of wood species.

Oak is one popular choice and features light to medium tones with a defined grain and streaks that give it a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

When you polish oak cabinets, it makes them look even more impressive.

Another popular option is maple, which features a consistent, light color.

If you’re looking for a strong wood type, hickory is an excellent choice and showcases a well-defined grain that adds personality to any cooking space.

Cherry wood cabinets are also exceptionally durable and often include natural, rustic knotting that brings warmth to a kitchen.

Pine wood is not quite as durable as some other options, but it’s also very beautiful and boasts unique knots that elevate a traditional or farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

Aside from a wide variety of wood types, you can also enhance your kitchen cabinets with your choice of hardware.

Whether you choose brushed nickel, brass, or matte black, adding your own hardware will make your kitchen unique and beautiful. 


Wood Creates a Warm, Inviting Space

There’s nothing quite like wood to bring a warm vibe to any room of your home.

Choosing this material will make your kitchen feel comfortable and soothing.

Remember that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s probably where you spend a lot of your free time. Installing all-wood kitchen cabinets will help to make this space “homey” and comfy, and it will also give you a sense that you’re in a safe space.

Choose rich finishes and warm hues to increase the warmth factor.

The depth and texture of wood instantly give any kitchen a rich and inviting vibe.

Remember that you can always update the finish later if you ever change your mind, which is just another reason why you should consider all-wood kitchen cabinets for your home.

Stop by and visit the showroom at Northeast Factory Direct to discover a beautiful assortment of high-quality cabinets and to schedule your installation today.


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