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How to Accessorize Your Kitchen Counters

UGH! There’s never enough counter space, right? Between meal prep, clean-up, and the odd glass someone keeps leaving out, the kitchen countertop is a constant battle for control. Having it clean is challenging enough on its own. How are you supposed to make it look nice?

Despite the chaos, it is possible to decorate your countertops. We’ve crafted this guide to accessorizing your kitchen counters, regardless of size or circumstance.

Let’s get started.


Reduce Counter Clutter

Before you accessorize anything, you need to organize. As puts it, “You cannot decorate around clutter.

That means moving all of the clutter off of your kitchen countertops. Those pots and pans don’t live on the countertop anyway.

Prioritize outdated items, especially if they can stand to be replaced. This will help conserve as much countertop space as possible.

Bonus Tip: If your kitchen lacks internal storage, installing some open shelving can help you limit counter clutter, show off decorative items, and maintain that coveted counter ease of use.



Countertop Cliques

One way to tactfully accessorize your kitchen countertops is by grouping similar items together. Containers, trays, baskets, even cake stands are simple ways to separate items while giving them a designated space.

Grouping similar items types

  • Showcase your flour, sugar, or coffee by storing them in matching ceramic canisters or glass mason jars.
  • Use a large crock or pitcher to collect your spatulas, miking spoons, whisks, and other cooking utensils.
  • Place your hand soap and lotion on a tray to group them together.
  • Put stylish spice shakers in a woven basket.

Grouping themed items together

  • Cluster your grounds or beans, sweetener, mugs, and Keurig for a cozy coffee station.
  • Nest your tea leaves, honey, spices, mugs, spoons, and electric kettle together for a tea nook.
  • Bunch your frequently used baking ingredients — such as spices, cooking oils, and chocolate chips — on a tray near the oven for easy access.



Purposeful Pieces

Small kitchens have limited storage, so some items might make a permanent home on your counter even if they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. But, you can change that. By investing in stylish pots, cutting boards, and kitchen tools, you can reduce the burden on your internal storage while providing both form and functionality.

  • Oversized cutting and breadboards — both wood or marble — add texture and warmth to your kitchen. Lean them against your backsplash when you’re not using them.
  • Hand soaps still in the container you bought them in? Swap the plastic branded bottles for some decorative dispensers.
  • Cookbook holders provide easy access to your favorite recipes while showing off their stylish covers.
  • Give a copper or bronze kettle a permanent home on your stovetop.
  • Toss your old, grimy dish towels (they’re doing more harm than good). Drape new ones over your sink or lay them across your kitchen counters for easy access.



Purley Decorative Items

Not every item you accessorize with needs to be practical. Some can be just for show. If you have the storage space to maintain completely clear countertops, try decorating with a single statement object. This can be an abstract sculpture, ceramic vase, or your largest, most tasteful appliance.



courtesy of Etsy on Pinterest

Paintings and Photos

Kitchen art is as at home on your counter as it is hanging from your walls. Casually lean a single canvas against a wall or arrange a sequence of themed prints. Personalize your kitchen by placing family photos. There’s no need to worry about splatters or spills as long as it’s away from the action.



Kitchen Lighting

We’ve talked about the importance of good kitchen lighting when it comes to decor before. If you don’t have any under cabinet lighting, installing some plug-in or battery-powered lights will illuminate your existing decorative items. If you’re going for less utilitarian lighting, decorative candles add ambiance to your kitchen while removing unwanted smells.




Plants are a versatile tool when it comes to kitchen decor. Their different shapes, sizes, and species add new dimensions to your kitchen. They’re a great way to add warmth and texture through gentle touches of greenery.

Missing a green thumb? Don’t worry. They don’t even have to be live plants. Topiary balls, faux plants, and decorative fruits and vegetables are all viable, low-maintenance counterparts to the real thing. suggests growing herbs for more practical plant options. Rosemary, basil, and mint are easy to take care of and can easily be used in recipes.


Now It’s Your Turn

Accessorizing your kitchen counters is tough, especially if you don’t have a whole lot of space, to begin with, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

We’ve covered 6 different tactics for accessorizing your kitchen countertops, regardless of size.

Let us know which tip helped you decorate your kitchen, or if there are any tips we missed, down in the comments.

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