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Make Guests Feel Welcome with These Cozy Living Room Ideas

Is your living room sucking all the energy from your home?

We all want a living room that makes guests feel warm and welcome. However, a bad living room design can be a big turnoff and ultimately drive your guests away.

Want to give the space a revolutionary makeover? Check out these cozy living room ideas today!

Luxury Fabric

What is your ultimate goal in making the living room cozier? You want your family and your guests to spend time hanging out in the space. Now, think about the comfiest blanket you've ever had. How did it feel? Chances are that you can remember sinking into its comfortable folds.

You can recreate that kind of coziness by including plush fabrics throughout the living room. Think about throw blankets, pillows, and poufs. And the more luxurious they are, the better!

Materials such as velvet and fur are comfortable and instantly put someone at ease. Furthermore, it's very easy to add this look to your existing decor.

With the wide variety of colors to choose from, it's easy to find something to coordinate with your existing living room look. And all it takes is a simple pillow or throw to get a comfy feeling without taking up a ton of room.

Plants and Plots

For many of us, the goal is to make the space feel more lively.

One direct way to do that is to add life through plants. Whether you scatter a few tall trees throughout the living room or add smaller potted plants on shelves and tables, this splash of color and life automatically ups the "cozy" factor.

Tall plants can also help to separate large areas into more intimate spaces (more on this concept very soon).

Go Dark

Many people think their living room must be light and breezy. However, some of the comfiest places you'll ever visit include darker basements, dens, and attics.

You can channel that "dark and cozy" feel by giving your living room a dark makeover. Black walls make any space feel more intimate and warm for you and your visitors.

Additionally, black walls are a powerful first step towards a contemporary makeover. If you want a living room that is just as modern as it is comfortable, this may be the right look for you.

Not ready to commit to black walls? A few black accessories (think lamp bases, pillows, side tables, and other accents) can ground the space. 

Pillow Patrol

Earlier, we mentioned how easy it is to add luxurious fabric to the living room through pillows. However, a truly comfy room demands a wide variety of pillows.

Pillows allow you and your guests to adjust your comfort level. You can now find new places to rest your head or cuddle up with your favorite pet.

Don't forget that pillows are a great place to rest your feet. And with enough pillows and blankets, even the floor becomes a cozy place to hang out or simply take a nap.

Ottomans Are In

Chances are your living room has a coffee table. Be honest: how often do you actually use the coffee table?

Sure, you may put some books or magazines on there. But for most of us, the coffee table takes up a lot of room and is little more than an occasional footrest.

Here's a cozy tip: toss out the coffee tables and bring in some Ottomans instead. They are more comfortable as footrests without taking up as much space as a large coffee table.

With a tray or two, an Ottoman can also hold your drinks. That means it's more versatile and better looking than the coffee table competition!

Something Old, Something New

If you're reading this article, you're probably considering a living room renovation. And it's tempting to throw out all of your old furniture and start your renovation from the ground up.

However, we recommend holding onto a few of your favorite pieces of furniture. This can add to the coziness and the aesthetic in a major way.

In terms of coziness, it's built-in. After all, you're holding onto the furniture that makes you comfortable!

And a blend of old and new can make the space look both comfy and modern as it joins your old history and your recent history. This pairs really well with a mixed material makeover for your living room (which can help separate the room into intimate spaces). 

Layer It Up

We have noted the importance of pillows, blankets, and comfortable fabric. But do you know how to arrange everything together?

The key to coziness is layering. Strategically layering all of these items throughout your living room can give the entire area a warm and inviting aura.

All of the layering also has a practical effect as well. It encourages guests to sit where they wish while providing additional seating areas (which is great for large parties).

Cozy Fire

When it comes to cozy, you can always count on the classics. So why not huddle up to the fire?

Many homeowners who have a fireplace only see it as a way of keeping warm and only "fire" it up on the coldest of days.

However, a warm fire in the living room with the lights turned down provides the perfect ambiance for a cozy snuggle or just an awesome way to unwind at the end of the week.

Don't have a fireplace? You can still capture this cozy intimacy with candles throughout the living room!

Creative Consoles

Most of the time, having a large space at home is a good thing. However, it's tough for a cavernous living room (such as an open space room) to feel cozy and inviting.

One way around this problem is to creatively space consoles throughout the room. These consoles provide both form and function to your cozy design.

The consoles can help to split a large space into smaller and more intimate spaces. And the built-in storage means each of those spaces has everything you need for coziness and comfort.

Cozy Living Room Ideas: The Keys to Comfort

Now you have inspiration for your cozy living room ideas. But do you know how to renovate your living room without breaking the bank?

That's where we come in. We don't just sell the furniture and accessories you need, but we do it at the prices you demand.

To see how we can save you even more money, check out our guide to saving money on furniture!

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