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Making the Most of Your Space: Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas

In 2015, Americans spent over $67 billion on their kitchens, and $49.7 billion of that amount went towards renovations.

Maybe you don't much money to spend on a complete renovation, but you've got the cash to revamp your cramped kitchen a little bit.

If you're stumped on a modern small kitchen design for your home, then keep reading. We'll give you some helpful tips and ideas!

Use Your Dining Table as a Prep Area

In a small kitchen, you probably don't have much room to prep your food. While you might have some counter space, that'll probably be quickly eaten up when you grab everything from the fridge and place it there.

What you can do is purchase a beautiful dining that maximizes the use of your kitchen area. Then, it can double as your food prep station. All you have to do is clear the table once you're done and then your spouse can set the table while you cook.

Add Some Barstools

You can expand your dining space even more by adding some barstools under your countertops. This works especially well if there's space underneath so it doesn't take up extra room out in the open.

This gives you additional space for people to have a drink or have a meal when your dining table's full but you're entertaining more guests than usual. This also provides a space for your children to sit and do their homework while you spend some invaluable time with them every night while you cook. 

Hang up Some Mirrors

When you walk into your kitchen, do you feel cramped and claustrophobic? Is it dark in there as well? Then you need some mirrors!

Light reflects off the mirrors to provide extra light in your kitchen. This makes it a brighter space to work in, which will naturally make it feel bigger.

In addition, the reflections in the mirror will make it seem like your kitchen is bigger than it really is. When you see flooring and your living room reflected in your mirrors, it'll feel like your space extends beyond the walls of your kitchen.

Utilize the Space on Top of Your Cabinets

Most people don't give this space a second thought, but there's so much you can do with the area above your cabinets!

One option is to put some decorations up there, such as a small figurine or vases with flowers. This can help add some color and vibrancy to your kitchen.

Another option is to use that area as storage space. To avoid it looking cluttered, think about buying some wicker baskets to put up there so everything inside is neatly hidden away.

Do make sure that whatever you put up there, that your cabinets are strong enough to support the weight of that plus everything inside. The last thing you want is for your cabinets to come crashing down!

Keep Your Design Simple and Uniform

While different textures, colors, and materials can certainly make a room feel more interesting, this may backfire when you have a small kitchen. Instead of looking elegant and sophisticated, it may just look cluttered and incohesive.

When you're thinking about your kitchen design, try to stick with one color and material. For instance, if you have Shaker cabinets with dark brown wood, try to match the rest of your kitchen to that shade and material.

The resulting look is very sleek and modern. You can make it even more coherent by matching your kitchen appliances to the general theme.

Put in a Pot Rack

If you have nowhere to put all your pots and pans, then why not utilize your vertical space? Where you once had a mess of pots and lids in your drawers, you can clear up that space for other things, like plates and other tableware.

A pot rack is a great way to hang up all your pots and pans for easy access. It's also fantastic for showcasing all your favorite cookware.

Plus, a pot rack will give your kitchen a rustic and modest look. All your guests have to do is take one look at this space and they'll know immediately that you have a passion for food.

Add a Rug

You may usually save rugs for your living room, but the fact is, it can be an excellent addition to your kitchen as well!

Make sure to choose a rug with a similar color scheme and pattern to your kitchen so it doesn't seem out of place. This little piece of cloth can help warm up the room and add some interesting designs.

Purchase a Bar Cart

You probably don't have space for a kitchen island, so that'll have to be for your future home or major renovation in the future. For now, a bar cart is a viable alternative.

You'll get some extra storage space and you can even wheel it around to the various parts of the kitchen where and when you need it. It can also serve to showcase your cookware if you store it in the bottom part.

Add a Shelf Above Your Stove

Again, you should make use of your vertical space. If there's nothing above your stove, then install a shelf.

Here, you can either put a potted plant on display or store some of your cookware or spices. That way, everything will be within reach when you're busy cooking.

Have a Great Modern Small Kitchen Design for Your Home

With our above tips, you'll be able to have a modern small kitchen design that makes use of every inch you have. Plus, not only will your space be functional, but also beautiful as well.

So take our advice to heart and transform your small, cramped kitchen into a space where you love to prep food and spend time with your loved ones.

Would you like to shop for some cabinets for your small kitchen? Then check out our selection now!

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