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What Features Can Come With A Hot Tub

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting down in your very own hot tub at the end of a long day.

If you’re looking for the best hot tubs for sale in Cleveland, make sure you stop by and visit Northeast Factory Direct today.

You’ll find a wide variety of amazing poolside hot tubs to choose from, made by some of the best manufacturers in the business today.

No matter why you want a new hot tub, it’s important to know what you’ll get for the investment.

So, what features can come with a hot tub and what do they include?

Read on to find out more.


Quality Construction

When you ask what features can come with a hot tub, start with the actual construction and design.

This feature is perhaps the most important since it will determine just how durable your new hot tub will be.

Choose poolside hot tubs made using frames crafted of ABS polymer or durable composite materials without wood or metal.

This will ensure that the base or the frame of your new hot tub never rots, rusts, or corrodes.

It also keeps the hot tub sturdy for years, regardless of the climate.

Next, make sure that your hot tub is made using full foam insulation.

This form of insulation seals the heat inside your hot tub, increasing its energy efficiency.

This also means that it should reduce your operating costs over time.

Finally, look carefully at the hot tub’s plumbing.

As a general rule, the fewer pipes, the better.

Fewer piping means less friction, which increases the product’s energy efficiency and the power of the jets.


Massaging Jets

Our hot tubs for sale in Cleveland include extra powerful, massaging jets to help relax your muscles.

These jets are designed to give you a gentle yet effective massage.

Whether you’re looking for ways to de-stress or you need some muscle recovery after a workout, hot tubs with jets offer you an amazing way to chill out at home.

Look for a hot tub with adjustable jets that you can turn on and off, depending on your needs.

The more jets, the merrier when it comes to hot tubs, so look for models that include jets for your back, neck, arms, and legs for a true full-body massage.

You can turn the jets on whenever you need an extra relaxing touch or turn them off if you simply want to soak. 


Unique Features: Lighting and More

What features can come with a hot tub?

Well, the answer depends on what make and model you choose.

Some hot tubs include fun, unique added features like bright LED lighting and waterfalls.

Choose poolside hot tubs that have color-changing lights for a fun, party-like effect.

Not only are LED lights extremely bright, but they also last a long time and don’t require a lot of energy to operate.

You can even find some options that will make the lights flash with the music you’re playing for endless hours of fun and entertainment.

Some of our hot tubs for sale in Cleveland also include a waterfall feature.

This adds to the gentle sounds of trickling water you hear as you sit down to soak and relax in your beautiful new poolside hot tub.


High-Tech Filtration

If you own a swimming pool, you know how important filtration is to the water quality and to your overall experience.

When it comes to your new hot tub, keeping it clean doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours of time and tons of energy.

Look for new models that use unique, high-tech filtration systems, so you can spend more time enjoying your hot tub and less time worrying and cleaning.

Many of these new options don’t even require you to worry about water chemical levels.

An ozone system is one example.

This system uses oxidation to clean the water, so you don’t need to dump as many chemicals to keep it nice and pure.

It generates ozone gas that sanitizes the water, saving you on maintenance and chemical costs. Poolside hot tubs with a self-regulating system slowly distribute the chemicals (like chlorine or bromine) into the water to keep it pure and clean.

You can avoid adding the chemicals yourself so that you can take a dip any time in confidence.


Finally, a salt system uses salt rather than chemicals like chlorine.

The salt is processed by a salt-chlorine generator that converts the salt into a small and balanced level of chlorine for easy care. 


Awesome Audio and More

Of course, it’s a lot more fun to relax in your hot tub when you’re listening to some awesome tunes.

Having a built-in audio system makes it easy to chill out and have fun with your close friends.

Pick one of our hot tubs for sale in Cleveland that features a high-quality Bluetooth system.

You can listen to anything you want remotely, all with a convenient Bluetooth connection and high-quality speakers.

You’ll also want to make sure that your hot tub has comfortable, ample seating.

Many hot tubs today can seat between seven to 10 people or more comfortably.

Check to ensure that the seats have enough room to make them comfy along with a nonslip grip.

Having lots of seating is especially important if you enjoy inviting your friends over to hang out in the hot tub.

Another key thing to consider is how to provide easy, safe access to your hot tub.

Choose a durable, high-quality set of stairs that has a nonslip feature so that people can safely and easily enter and exit the hot tub without any issues. 


Convenient Cover Lifts

No matter what size or style your hot tub is or what feature you choose, every hot tub needs a durable, reliable cover to protect it when it’s not being used.

While a manual-fitting cover works fine, a cover lift will make the process even easier.

A cover lift helps you avoid the strain of heavy lifting whenever you need to remove the cover and whenever you need to put it back on.

Look for a mechanical cover lift or something that has hydraulics for a seamless experience.

The cover lift should be made of a non-corrosive metal like aluminum, so it doesn’t just work well, but it also looks great, too.

No matter how you love to relax, you can never go wrong with a fabulous hot tub.

If you have been searching for the best selection of hot tubs for sale in Cleveland, look no further than Northeast Factory Direct.

Come visit our showroom or browse our website today so you can find the perfect hot tub for you. 

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