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Desk Decor Ideas That'll Change Your Office Forever

The average American will spend approximately 90,000 hours at work over the course of their lifetime. This is a whole lot of hours spent behind a desk, especially if your desk is a ho-hum place.

If you have to spend all those hours at work, then why not create a desk area that is both inviting and conducive to getting work done?

Are you wondering how to spruce up your desk decor? Hoping to make it a place that you're excited to get to in the morning?

Read on for these tips on desk decor that will make your days at work more interesting and comfortable. 

Start With Lighting

There is nothing quite so uninviting than overhead fluorescent lighting. It can glare and cause headaches. Consider improving your desk space by adding some task lighting using lamps.

Place a lamp (or two) on your desk area so you have work lights and then you can even turn off the overhead lighting. If you have separate seating in your office, consider lamp lighting for there too. It will warm up the space and certainly make it more inviting.

Add Plants

If you are lucky enough to have some natural light from a window, consider adding a plant or two to your desk or office. Plants make a space feel friendly and inviting. 

They make you feel good too. Consider a small decorative pot with a nice green plant on your desk or on the storage areas of your office. The desk and office will feel more comforting and happy immediately.

Decide On a Color Scheme

Many cubicles and desks are not exactly aesthetically pleasing. They come in colors that like gray and black and maroon that are not that warm. 

If your work allows, consider choosing a color you love and creating a color scheme for your office desk area.  You can use accents and art and accessories to bring in the color scheme. 

You could even find a lamp or small pot from the previous ideas to use in the color scheme. 

Then your desk looks planned and intentional versus another box where a worker sits. 


Sure, everyone has different work styles. But there is nothing quite so uninviting than a desk that's a mess. 

Take stock and think about how you can make organization work for you. Instead of loose papers lying all over your desk, find some pretty files and set up a system to keep the papers from piling up. 

Do you write yourself a lot of notes as reminders? Instead of attaching them all over the place, desktop, filing cabinet, computer screen. Consider getting one framed bulletin board and put all of your needed notes in this space. It might be necessary to have reminders, they don't need to clutter up your desk though.

Tray for Office Supplies

You know those supplies you reach for over and over through the course of a workday? Make them both pretty and easily accessible.

Get a pretty tray that you can find at most home decor stores pretty inexpensively. Then add some cute jars and dishes to hold those often needed supplies like paper clips, rubber bands, and post-it notes. 

Then your office supplies are at the ready when you need them and they look intentional and nice on your desk. 

Check the Time

You don't want the boss to think you're a clock watcher. And sure, you could see the time on your computer screen. 

But it can also be nice to monitor your time with a clock added to your desk area. Consider adding a small desk clock to your workspace that you can easily see from meetings. Or how about a decorative wall clock hanging in your workspace. 

Desk Chair 

If you have to spend your days sitting in a desk chair, it ought to be not only comfortable. It should also offer your back and bottom good support. 

But desk chairs don't have to be ugly too. Your desk chair can accomplish multiple tasks. It can keep you comfortable and help to make your desk and office area more comfortable. 

Organization Bins and Files

Every worker has those files and papers they need at the ready all the time. It could also be that you have projects in progress and you need access to those files quickly. 

There are nice wall bins and files that you can add to your desk area. These prevent your desk from being a cluttered mess, yet the papers are at the ready at all times. The best part is you know just where to reach for them when you need them. 

Add Art

Of course, you want to abide by company standards. But you can certainly add some art to your work area that feels personal to you. 

Maybe you love watercolor painting or photography featuring architecture from around the globe. Watch local thrift shops and art fairs to pick up a few pieces of art for your space. 

Don't just grab any old art to have art. Put up art that truly speaks to you. So, when you see it in your desk area it makes you feel good. Be sure to frame it too. It makes it more special and added to the character for your office space. 

Personal Photos

Now some companies will have policies about this, so check first. But there is nothing quite so special as a few framed photos on your desk of the people and pets you love. 

You want to be careful to not turn your desk into a cluttered mess with frame after frame of your kids. Choose two or three of your most favorite photos and get nice frames for them. 

Then over time, you can change the photos and always have your loved ones near you at work. 

Desk Decor to Make Your Office a Place You Want to Be

Sure, you have to spend much of your life behind your desk at work. With the right desk decor, your workspace can become a welcoming and inviting place to be. 

Do you need new office furniture? Maybe you could use a new desk or a better office chair? Maybe your office would function more efficiently with some office storage. 

We can help you outfit your office so it's a place where you want to work and be productive. Here at Northeast Factory Direct provides new, name brand furniture for up to 1/2 what you pay anywhere else.

 Contact us today to let us help you get the right office furniture and accessories for your office space. 

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