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20 Tips For Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

Are you living in a small bedroom?

Do you constantly feel like you don’t have enough space to fit all of your belongings, even just the necessities? 

Or maybe your room has gotten steadily more “lived-in”, and you’re looking for ways to recover your vanishing floor space?


No worries! Whether you’re suffering from lack of storage or just looking to declutter, there are plenty of ways of regaining control.

Here are 20 different ways you can organize your small bedroom on a budget.


Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

Arrange Your Room For More Space

Finding more space in your bedroom is as simple as rearranging your space.

So, tidy up your laundry chair, vacuum your floor, dust off your dresser, and check out these tips for arranging your room.

Go Beyond Minimizing Clutter

Enjoying how crisp your room feels with everything cleaned up and tucked away?

If you want to maximize your bedroom’s space, consider opting for a minimalist design.

The Spruce argues that all you need in your bedroom besides the bed is a bedside table and somewhere to store your clothes.

With multifunctional pieces, there are plenty of ways to maintain a minimalist form without sacrificing functionality.

Divide Your Space

Is your small bedroom part of a studio apartment?

Use a room divider to separate your designated sleeping area from the rest of your space.

If you need more utility, a bookcase or cube storage will also fill this role with the bonus of increasing your storage.


Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

Turn Your Bed Into a Storage Hub

Your bed is often the focal point of your bedroom.

For a small bedroom, there are multiple ways you can augment your bed to maximize your storage space.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

courtesy of BuzzFeed on Pinterest


Raise Your Bed

Raising your bed any amount will help with storage.

Bed risers can create additional storage space underneath your bed, perfect for bins and baskets filled with shoes and off-season clothing.

Take this tip to the extreme by lofting your bed.

Not only will you have more storage, but you’ll likely be able to place a desk or dresser there as well.


Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

Swap for a Storage Friendly Bed

A murphy bed is the ultimate space saver in a small bedroom or guest room.

With these stylish constructs, you can tuck your bed away when you’re not using it, clearing plenty of floor space.


If packing and unpacking a murphy bed is a dealbreaker, a daybed is another worthwhile option.

With their more compact frames, daybeds are another storage-saving option as some come with drawers and other built-in storage.


Otherwise, recommends swapping your current bed frame for a more storage-friendly frame.

A hutch frame or a storage platform are smart ways to add versatility to a traditional bed.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

Head of Bed Storage

Instead of making changes to your bed, focus on changing the space around it.

You can increase storage around your bed by adding a tall, narrow bookcase to one side — or both.

Connecting those bookcases with a header shelf will triple your storage options without sacrificing floor space.


Don’t have the space for bookcases?

Add a headboard with cubbies to house small items, or hang a clothing rack behind your bed instead.

Not only will your clothes add color and style to your rooms, but you also don’t have to get up to pick an outfit.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

End of Bed Storage

Now let’s focus on the other end of your bed.

A tasteful storage bench, or trunk, at the foot of the bed is perfect for housing shoes and blankets while providing additional seating.

Alternatively, a footboard shelf or organizer can fit all of your stray books and other personal items.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget


The Best Furniture For Organizing A Small Bedroom

Sometimes, rearranging your existing items isn’t enough to organize your small bedroom.

Here are some inexpensive furniture options that can provide some more utility.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

courtesy of on Pinterest 

Turn Your Desk into Your Vanity

Having furniture that meets multiple needs is crucial to conserving space within your bedroom.

If you have a small desk in your room, recommends placing a mirror on the wall behind it so it can double up as a vanity.

Not only are you consolidating space in your bedroom, but you can also spend less makeup time in the bathroom.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget


Go With a Ghost Chair

You’ll need a chair for your desk/vanity hybrid, and ghost chairs are a creative way to conserve space.

The odds are they won’t take up any less space than a regular chair.

But their sleek, modern, transparent design reduces visual clutter, making your bedroom feel larger.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

courtesy of staples on Pinterest


Floating Furniture

With no legs to consume space or add to visual clutter, recommends floating furniture as a stylish way to save space in a small bedroom.

Floating furniture comes in a variety of options, everything from desks, to vanities, to nightstands, to shelves, so if you’re able to attach items to the walls of your bedroom, definitely give this a shot.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget


Hang More Clothes With A Wardrobe

If you have a small closet (or no closet) and have items to hang, suggests trying out a wardrobe. I know it means bringing in another piece that will take up valuable floor space but hear me out. They’re or more than just shirts and coats, as they often come with additional storage, and the right piece can bolster the design of your bedroom.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

Don’t Sleep on Your Nightstand

Nightstands have a wide array of options when it comes to organizing your small bedroom.

Of course, the simplest thing you can do is to keep your nightstand clear or home to a maximum of three items.

But if you’re looking to change things up, consider replacing a nightstand with a:

  • House plant, to save space and breath life into your room.
  • Narrow bookshelf for more vertical storage.
  • Nesting table, for more surface area.
  • Side table to reduce visual clutter.
  • Rolling cart, for mobile storage.
  • Desk to consolidate space.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

Reorganize With Racks

Racks enable your existing clothing to help style your bedroom.

Hanging racks are great for showing off outfits without sacrificing any floor space.

If you're concerned about conserving space, a small corner rack is perfect for setting out tomorrow’s outfit.

You can DIY a rack by mounting shelf brackets to a wall.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

courtesy of Forbes on Pinterest

Narrow Bedroom Cabinets

Tall, narrow cabinets or armoires can go a long way in a small bedroom.

They provide valuable vertical storage space without taking up much room.

Paint them the same color as your walls, and they’ll limit visual clutter as well, making your bedroom feel larger.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget



Ladder Bookcase

Ever the stylish storage tool, slim ladder bookcases and shelves offer vertical storage with a unique look.

Great for books, small plants, and personal items, while their thin frames help reduce visual clutter.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

courtesy of on Pinterest

Revolving Storage Units

We’ve mentioned before how lazy susans are great for organizing your kitchen.

Did you know they also make great storage tools in your bedroom?

A rotating bookshelf organizer is perfect for little baskets and odds and ends.

Furthermore, recommends a short, revolving shoe rack makes storage simple while showing off your favorite pairs.


Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

Save Space With Bedroom Storage and Shelving

Hurting for floor space, and don't want to avoid bringing in any significant furniture pieces?

There are multiple ways you can use small storage units and shelves to organize your bedroom.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget


Baskets are a stylish way to store extra blankets and pillows out in the open while keeping them nicely organized.

Perfect for items you use frequently that need a designated space.

Bonus Tip: Mount the bottom of a basket to your wall for an easy DIY floating cubby.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget


Floating Shelves

Easy to install, floating shelves provide coveted verticle space that’s ideal for small personal items.

Floating corner shelves are especially handy, as they capitalize on valuable space that often goes unused.

If your bed is tucked into a corner, install a small corner shelf for a cozy nightstand.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

courtesy of Wayfair on Pinterest

Don’t Forget Your Door

The back of your bedroom door has more storage potential than you realize.

If you’re not using it to store a vertical mirror, install a rack for hanging hats, scarves, coats, or jewelry.

You can even get door shelving to place shoes, purses, clutches, and handbags.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget

courtesy of on Pinterest


Use Drawer Dividers for Granular Storage

Don’t toss all of your clothing and accessories into your new furniture, baskets, and cubbies.

Use drawer dividers to organize your storage units even further, 50% further, according to

Bonus Tip: Vacuum sealed bags are a great way to maximize the storage of your off-season items.

Organizing a Small Bedroom On A Budget


Space Saving Lighting Fixtures

Don’t have any room for floor or table lamps?

Try adding a few wall sconces.

These fixtures work just as well in living rooms without any overhead lighting as they will in your tiny bedroom.

There are plenty of affordable options that can be plugged into an existing outlet.


Not convinced?

Then try some hanging pendant lights.

These versatile and stylish lights don’t take up any table or floor space and can also be plugged into a wall outlet.


Now It’s Your Turn

Feeling more confident about organizing your small bedroom on a budget?

Whether it’s multifunctional, installing some floating shelves, or simply picking up, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your space.

Leave a comment letting us know which tip you’re excited to try!

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